Welcoming Access

The mission of TrueCare is to provide a continuum of outpatient chemical dependency services.

These services are designed to be welcoming, recovery oriented, trauma informed, culturally competent, person centered, and co-occurring disorder capable, in line with the prioritized vision and policy directions of ASAM and best practices. In this regard, TrueCare admission procedures are designed with the expectation that the individuals coming to the door for evaluation and treatment have complex needs in multiple domains, including co-occurring mental health and medical conditions, and may not experience themselves as easily fitting into services that are provided elsewhere.

Consequently, it is the TrueCare policy and practice that all individuals presenting for treatment are welcomed for care, particularly those with complex needs and co-occurring conditions. Our approach is that we provide "no wrong door” access to care. It is our policy to assess individuals to make an initial determination of treatment needs and level of care and then help them get connected to the service that is the best match, whether that service is provided by TrueCare or by another provider or by another level of care.