What insurance do you accept?

TrueCare takes most insurances. 

You can call our Financial counselor at 1-833-TCTODAY (828-6329)  to verify your benefits. 

How do I make an appointment?

You have several options: 

Call 1-833-828-6329 or 1-833-TCTODAY to schedule an appointment. 

Come to our location 2901 Tenaya Way, Las Vegas NV 89128 for a free assessment. 

Will I have a primary therapist?

You will be assigned to a primary therapist that will work with you throughout our continuum of care. 

Can my family attend treatment with me?

Your family is welcome to participate in treatment while you are staying with us. Family understanding and support of what you are going through is an important part of your own recovery process. 

How does online scheduling work?

Click to see availabilities in our schedule to see our TrueCare’s professionals.

Fill out the necessary information and you are in! You will receive a confirmation via email or text. 

Before your appointment, you will also receive a text to confirm your appointment at TrueCare. 

What can I bring to treatment with me?

We recommend you bring the following with you for treatment. 

  • Seasonal clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Identification and insurance card
  • Medications: You will be allowed to continue using your doctor-prescribed medications while in treatment at TrueCare. In order to ensure that the prescriptions are authentic and taken as prescribed, please bring them in a pill bottle with the original labels. If you have a list of medications, this will be helpful for our clinical team. 
  • List of important phone numbers. 

What can I NOT bring to treatment with me?

The following are items not allowed with you during treatment. 

  • Alcohol and/or drugs
  • Weapons
  • Drug or alcohol paraphernalia
  • Toiletries that contain alcohol
  • Food and drinks: This will be provided by TrueCare. If you have any food allergies, please let our team know at admission. 
  • Expensive jewelry or large sums of cash.