TrueCare Treatment Center is in the business of improving and enriching the lives of people through Pre-Vocational and Job Placement services.  

We provide services to assess, train, and find employment for those who want to become productive members of society. We place people within an array of community based options.

TrueCare’s highly qualified and professional staff are dedicated to embracing skills that guide, teach, and assist people in attaining their vocational goals. 

We also have a supported work program where we work closely with local vocation programs to provide a service that identifies vocational interests, skills and placement. It is a long term commitment and partnership that provides benefits for both employers and employees.

We offer: pre-screened applicants, experienced job coaches, travel training, on-the-job training, follow up and consultation on disabled employees and affirmative action issues. TrueCare’s vocational services create opportunities that foster self confidence, independence and personal growth. We value and support all those who have vocational and employment needs and take great pride in being one of the most successful agencies in Nevada to provide this service.