Relapse happens gradually, sometimes beginning weeks or even months before you relapse to addiction.

Throughout addiction treatment at TrueCare Treatment Centers, patients will learn the stages of relapse, the early warning signs of relapse, and coping skills to manage stressors and prevent setbacks in the future.

Emotional Relapse is the first stage of relapse, where individuals are not practicing healthy self-care. During this stage, individuals are not even considering drinking or using drugs. Some signs of emotional relapse include isolating oneself, not asking for help, not sharing in group meetings, holding in emotions, irritability, and poor diet and exercise. People who are in emotional relapse for too long will begin to feel insecure and begin to think about using again to escape.

Mental Relapse is the second stage of relapse, characterized by the actual thought of using again. During mental relapse, individuals will think about the people, places, and things once surrounding their addiction, minimize past consequences of relapse, and, most importantly, lie to themselves and others.

Physical Relapse is the actual act of relapse.

TrueCare's team of experts can help you not only address a drug relapse but learn to prevent drug relapse from occurring by learning to live a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.